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How to Skip Commissions When Selling Your House in Raleigh

If you’re looking to sell your house in Raleigh, you might be considering skipping the commissions and selling independently as a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO). However, the complexities of the transaction and piles of paperwork often drive sellers to seek recommendations for a good agent. But what if you could benefit from an agent’s knowledge and expertise while keeping the profits for yourself? In this article, we’ll explore how you can skip the commissions when selling your house in Raleigh.

One option to consider is a hybrid agent model. Hybrid agents are licensed professional real estate agents who are also seasoned local investors in the Raleigh real estate market. By selling directly to hybrid agents, like those at Kev Buys Houses , you gain the expertise of an agent to handle the legalities of the transaction while skipping the commissions. You’ll also save time, as the closing date is typically guaranteed within a matter of days. Or, if you prefer, you can discuss a flexible closing date with your hybrid agent investor at Kev Buys Houses to make the sale more convenient.

Another option is the seller expense model. When you sell directly to a hybrid agent acting as an investor, you can skip the commissions and put your wallet away. There’s no need for prepping, repairs, or going through the showing process when you make a direct sale because hybrid agent investors at Kev Buys Houses buy houses as-is for cash. There are no hidden broker fees or other expenses, and with their full-service operating model, you won’t pay any closing costs. A direct sale to a hybrid agent at Kev Buys Houses means no out-of-pocket expenses before the sale and no professional fees coming off the top at closing.

Finally, there’s the hybrid sales model. Hybrid agents like those at Kev Buys Houses offer this model, which brings their entire team to the table, from skilled tradespeople to their in-house team of industry specialists. First, the hybrid agent investors at Kev Buys Houses call in their team to quickly assess your property and provide you with actual numbers in complete detail showing all calculations to provide you with an estimate for any repairs, remodeling, or rehabilitation of the property. They can then realistically compare your property to others near you to help you understand the current market value and what you can expect to profit. Next, they will propose a partnership wherein they will take on the risks, cover the costs, manage the project, and be responsible for any necessary work to increase the profits of selling your house. In the hybrid sales model, you pay commissions only on the current market value and then fairly split any profits above after repair value with your hybrid agent investor from Kev Buys Houses .

Working with local hybrid agents at Kev Buys Houses is the best way to skip the commissions when selling your house in Raleigh. They bring their know-how and expertise to the table as highly educated professional real estate agents, and because they want you to feel good about working with them long after closing, they have a full transparency policy so you can decide what sales method works best for you. If you’re interested in selling your house in Raleigh, call Kev Buys Houses at (919)809-9137.

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